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Michael Gebauer
Territory - Global

Michael began his career in the late 1980ís in New York with Fuji Bank; for 10 years he was involved in providing debt facilities to multinationals and funding M&A activities. Then with Banque Paribas he partnered with US private equity firms structuring and financing numerous acquisitions, MBOís, MBIís and buy & builds. From there he joined a $250m public specialty retailer bank owned portfolio company as CFO, and helped guide it through a Chapter 11 process. For his sins, Michael has produced two feature length films and served as FD in several private media companies.

Since 2007 Michael has been involved with recruiting, primarily at board level, in the UK, across Europe, and even into various developing countries. Clients range from SMEs to large multi-national private equity firms.


Telephone: 0844 8360 674

Mobile: 07834 235 458


 Martin Lloyd-Penny FCA
Territory - Global
Tel: 0844 8360 667
 Michael Gebauer
Territory - Global
Tel: 0844 8360 674
 Geoff Bail
IT and software developer
Tel: 0115 9405945
 Ray Lewin FCA
Territory - South West and Wales
Tel: 0844 8360 668
 Neil Wheatley ACA
Territory - West Midlands
Tel: 0844 836 0672
 Nils Lloyd-Penny
Tel: 0844 8360 669
 Tanne de Leur ACA
Tel: 07904 007450


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