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 Are you looking for funding? 
We have established some good relationships with VCs and PE firms who are always on the lookout for good investable proposals.

What's clear is that most of them are cash rich, with plenty of proposals coming across their desks, but very few that are of interest. Too much distressed business or unrealistic multiples.

If you have a proposition supported by a credible business plan I will be happy to make the introduction. You will need to present the following:
  • Executive Summary
  • Details of the team
  • If it is an acquisition the details of the offer. If you have a term sheet even better.
  • Funding available and additional funding requirement
  • Summary of how the funding will be used
  • % of equity being offered
I am under no obligation to progress matters but will give honest feedback.

Contact me at to discuss.


Martin Lloyd-Penny


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