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 Not a daunting experience!  -  05/02/2017 
I thought that changing professional direction would be daunting. Ray and Martin proved this to be inaccurate. The job was posted, I was there, and the process was swift and totally painless. They are to be highly recommended. Good guys.  
Jonathan L. 

 Recruitment can be easy!  -   
“We thought that finding a strong accountant for a part time FC maternity cover position would be a difficult task. Martin proved us wrong. He quickly understood the dynamic and scope of our requirement and presented several motivated candidates with appropriate skills and experience. We were able to interview and select a within a quick turnaround period. With little handover from the incumbent, our new controller has quickly and efficiently taken up the reins.”  
Guy Gibbons 

 Good Education needs strong Finances.  -   
“Becoming an academy brings huge financial challenges and we found ourselves needing a part-time interim Finance Director. Martin worked closely with us to help us clarify what we were looking for and (unlike some other agencies) only put forward for consideration those candidates that clearly met the agreed criteria. Don’t be fooled by the title of his business! With his help we recruited someone who is young, dynamic and much more than an accountant; all at a fraction of the fees that some other organisations charge. She has turned out to be an inspired and inspirational choice.”  
Nick White, Principal – Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy 

 Straightforward recruitment!   -   
Having been unimpressed with the service offered and costs charged by the mainstream recruitment consultants, I decided to fill a fixed term, financial controller post through Mature Accountants. I found Martin refreshingly straightforward, he was happy to be judged on performance with no attempt to drive an exclusive arrangement. The costs were very competitive and the quality of the candidates introduced was good. I would have no hesitation in using Mature Accountants again.  
Nigel Lowry - FD CARE Fertility Group 

 Vacancy Update  -   
Dear Martin, Thank you for keeping us all informed with your regular vacancy update. Your candour, feedback and advice is very rare in this market and greatly appreciated. Kind regards David  

 Thanks for your help  -   
Dear Martin Thank you for the update and your take on the market, which I found very helpful and comforting as I was beginning to think that 'it was down to me' not the state of the market. However, I am able to tell you that I have been able to find a position as Finance Manager in Lincoln, albeit on a 6 month contract (which may be extended). This role is within the Public Sector and is also my first move ever into Public Sector accounting. So, this is bringing a new challenge which I am thoroughly enjoying. Your website and e-mails has helped me to get through the last few months - those months being the first time in my working life that I have ever been unable to find employment. Thank you for providing a thoughtful, helpful service - knowing others are experiencing similar problems and sharing that information helped me greatly. Kind regards Caroline  

 Mature Accountants is the only recruiter for me!  -   
5 years ago,in my late 50's and courtesy of Mature Accountants I moved to a start-up venture in Malaysia. The job worked out well, my wife and I loved Kuala Lumpur and were thinking of retiring there in a couple of years. However last August my employer told me they were not renewing my contract, which finished in December. What to do? I still have to work and am now in my 60's. Answer: use Mature Accountants. I applied for a job in the Scottish Borders and within a couple of weeks Martin was phoning to confirm my appointment and that I should start packing! I'm now settled back in the UK and really enjoying the new job, as well as living in the Borders. So that's twice now that Martin and Mature Accountants have done the business for me. When you're my age and looking for a job, MA is the best (and probably only) option!  
Duncan Macleod 

 Martin provides the "seal of approval"!  -  02/03/2011 
As a business partner of Martin’s, he was the first man we went to when we launched our ‘Business in a Box’ licensing model and wanted to recruit experienced accountants as licensees. The people Martin put us in touch with have always been of the highest quality and we have taken 4 Mature Accountants on already. When we meet people we do not know we are naturally wary but coming from Martin’s network gives anybody a very firm seal of approval! 
James Holloway - EFM 

 I have now hired 8 Mature Accountants!  -  02/01/2011 
I came across Mature Accountants by chance back in 2007 and have discovered a rich seam of talent, all of which has one thing in common and that’s loads of experience matched by real enthusiasm. I have now recruited 8 mature accountants and I can recommend, without hesitation, Martin and his very efficient and client-friendly process. Recruitment can be a pleasure!  
Roger Nilsson 

 Greetings from a Mature Success in Africa!  -  02/01/2011 
Dave started work in September 2010 - the recruitment process took 9 months! Sorry for the looooong delay in making contact but I have been settling in in Nairobi and on the Estate (near Voi, close to the coast) and getting to grips with a huge backlog of work here. I know that is a weak excuse but it is the best I have at present. The country / city is as beautiful as described in all the travel brochures but they forget (conveniently) to mention the heat and humidity, especially nearer the coast where the Estate is situated. Fortunately I am an "old Souff African" and have acclimatised completly. My wife who only joined me here on 8 December is still struggling but she will get there - I HAVE SPOKEN !!!! I am trying to connect my phone / camera (anything) to my computer so that I can send you some pictures of the place. On the Estate I have met most of the neighbours, Elephant, Giraffe, Antelope, Baboons, Zebra, Snakes (various types) etc. but the lion family have only made themselves heard and not yet seen - perhaps that is for the best. We spent Christmas day on the beach just South of Mombasa and really had to exert ourselves to return to work after such a great time there. Anyhow, that is a brief summary of our news from here so all that is left to say for now is -HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! May it bring you all only the best for the future and we wish you everything you wish for yourselves AND MORE. All the best, Dave and Sylvia.  
Dave Jones 

 Great new job!  -  07/08/2010 
Martin runs the most efficient recruitment process at Mature Accountants that I have come across. No sooner had I responded to an advert on a jobs board I was contacted by Martin and then his client. Before I knew it I had a great new job. Wow. ! Martin was very helpful and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his company to my friends.  
Sharron Cooper 

 Becoming a Livery man!  -   
"I have been registered as a candidate with Martin Lloyd-Penny for many months and was recently appointed Finance Director of a leading Livery company in the City of London. This opportunity was handled by Martin’s agency, Mature Accountants Ltd. (MA). MA have a highly pro-active website and Martin takes a personal and professional interest in candidates and is always available when needed. All job vacancies (permanent and interim) are circulated to registered candidates by MA with regular updates on progress. In a tough market I would recommend that all senior accountants looking for work register with www.matureaccountants.com to optimise their chances of success in finding the right job or assignment. Tony Kenber FCA FCMI.” 

 From New Zealand to Bahrain  -  05/10/2009 
“My wife and I relocated from New Zealand to Bahrain in April, following a recruitment process which had started in late 2008. During the process, Martin was engaging, responsive and always easy to contact, even from the southern hemisphere. I felt that he was there to solve problems and make suggestions, constructive and not pushy. Visits to BDO were arranged and Martin helped with the follow up and finalising agreed responsibilities. Moving from as far away as New Zealand was much easier than we thought, and we found accommodation and transport quickly. Bahrainis are very friendly and settling in has been quick. I would recommend Mature Accountants. ” Best wishes Rupert Dodds Partner  
Rupert Dodds 

 Faster than a speeding bullet!  -  05/02/2009 
Dear Martin, I can hardly believe the speed with which events have taken place. After I had been working flat out on my job search for a month, on Wednesday afternoon a vacancy came in by email from Mature Accountants and I responded immediately. On Thursday the client's FD phoned me, on Friday I met him, was offered the position and on Monday I start working for them. Clearly a case of the right person in the right place at the right time. Thank you very much and well done to Mature Accountants Ltd.! Kind regards. 
David Warren 

 Great Match  -   
Dear Tanya Thanks very much and thanks for putting me forward for this job. I haven't had a lot of success with other web based sites in finding work so it was a pleasure to be put forward for this job and to find that it exactly matched what I was looking for.I would definitely recommend Mature Accountants! Regards 

 Better than Heineken!  -  04/05/2009 
Martin, A note to say how much I appreciate the help given by matureaccountants.com. Since I started looking about 3 months ago, I have applied for loads of jobs via other web-sites and not even had a reply to most of them. In a situation like that you start to wonder whether because of your age you are wasting your time. You know you're capable of doing a job but recruiters appear to have written you off. Anyway I saw your advert for a very interesting job in Malaysia, applied, was interviewed and I start next month. Very exciting times! I definitely recommend your organisation and it's a concept that will work. There must be loads of mature accountants like myself (not on ?80,000 a year!) who want a fresh challenge and are more than capable of making a significant contribution to whichever organisation hires them. Best wishes in your endeavours. Kind regards, 
Duncan MacLeod  

 Reaching the other parts!  -   
Greetings from war torn Iraq ! This has been a marvellous appointment for me. As I am based in Erbil, life is peaceful amongst the Kurds. Even though there is a lot of posturing between PKK and the Turks, that is in the mountains and quite a way from here. The work is pretty straightforward and, financially, it has made a huge difference to us, my wife is delighted! Monies are all tax free and everything is paid for, accommodation, food, laundry, driver and even booze. This a small office. I have no staff, which suits me, and I run the finances for 4 high earning, high charging lawyers. The other part of my job is work as a management consultant, charging myself out to the American and British companies out here. There is a great deal of oil exploration going on so you can imagine the client list. Local accounting expertise is pretty dire so often these companies are grateful for my knowledge and mature experience. The only downside (apart from missing my wife and daughters) is that I get paid in dollars. Every time I look at the rate it gets worse (for me anyway). I can't believe it can dip much further so the positive is that if it moves to, say, $1.88 then I get a 10% increase. Sorry to be selfish but a UK slump would suit me perfectly. Thank you once again for the introduction. My wife thanks you, my bank manager thanks you. All the best 
Alan Crawford 

 A big thank you  -  03/03/2009 
It was April/May 2007 when I first came across Mature Accountants advertising on the GAAP Web. The reason I was looking for a position was that for the third time in my career I found myself without a job (wrong place wrong time I guess)?anyway these things happen. I have held various FD roles in the service sector arena. Aged 51 (I'm now 52) at the time I was, as you can imagine feeling very vulnerable. It is very true what is said at that is that the majority of agencies are just not interested in you, regardless of experience, unless you are aged below forty. Therefore my tact was not even to bother with any of the agencies but to concentrate on my networking and apply for positions advertised in the FT. And then I stumbled across Mature Accountants. What attracted me without a doubt were the words but I prefer to look upon mature as meaning well seasoned or very experienced. Anyway having made initial contact with Martin and having applied for a position it was clear to me that this Guy was something different in that he understood what I was experiencing and was genuinely interested in helping me secure a position. In addition and maybe a bit of comfort I guess that I realised I was not the only one at my age seeking employment. I do not know about most individuals but I have a very strong work ethic and want to continue to work in the field that I am well experienced in. Well it is now October 2007 and having applied for several positions one of which was via Mature Accountants I am now very pleased to say that I have secured the best position of my entire career via Mature Accountants. The role was originally advertised some two months ago and unfortunately was put on hold by the MD so I had written this one off but within a matter of a week I had been interviewed a further two times by the MD and offered the position. The role is in a completely different sector altogether as a Group FC (Group FD Designate) on a package that I have to say is excellent. Funny enough the role means I will have to relocate (no problem the company is assisting in this) but it takes me back to the part of the country which I left 30 years ago. Conclusion: There are some VG jobs out there for the more experienced individuals you just need to remain determined and focussed that something will come to fruition. Interestingly the MD of the company I will be working for bent over backwards to secure my services, not only am I genuinely thrilled by this but it just goes to show that there is a demand out there for the more "mature" accountant. It only now leaves me to say a very big thank you to Martin for all of his help in sticking with this one. I wish him and his team the very best for the future. 
John Knights FCCA  

 Superior to the large recruiting firms  -  02/01/2009 
I first read about matureaccountants.com in the Sunday Times in November 2006 and I registered as a candidate soon after that. In my experience, the service that is provided is far superior to the large recruiting firms. It is possible to talk to someone who understands the market as well as the needs of accountants, regardless of age. They actually have "real" vacancies unlike some of the high street recruiting agencies who I suspect have not been retained to fill positions but use the pretence of having a specific vacancy to attract a large number of candidates. My experience with matureaccountants.com can be summed up as being very supportive, positive and helpful. The role that mature accountants have found for me is that of Regional Director in a company that provides financial management services to small and medium size enterprises. It is not an accounting firm in the traditional sense as it does not provide audit and tax but looks to fulfil the activities that might be expected from a finance department which normally would produce management accounts, statutory accounts etc. It is a challenge as I will have to find clients and then resources to fulfil the needs of those clients but it is position that I would not have found without matureaccountants.com. 
Stuart Chapman 

 Wow!  -  08/06/2008 
MA has proved to be a remarkable facet of my career and has provided me with very interesting and rewarding roles to play worldwide. From the day I registered with MA I have been presented with opportunity after opportunity and since taking these up my work life has been totally refreshed. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I must also praise the staff at MA who really couldn't be more helpful and hard-working. These capabilities are hard to find and really do pay dividends for all.  
Noel Morris APT Finance 

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