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AP4AP - serious earning potential if you have the contacts.

Traditional AP audit and duplicate invoice recovery is a costly process. It involves external agents processing historical AP data, and a team of recovery auditors working in the AP department causing disruption. Payment is usually on a contingency basis, and as a result the job will never be completed as they will leave when their costs exceed recoveries.
AP4AP is the culmination of many years experience in the field, and incorporates a powerful data processing engine with a unique web interface allowing companies to recover their own duplicate payments. It also allows companies to check current AP data against historical data to highlight potential duplicate payments before they are paid.

To take AP4PA to market we are looking for affiliates with contacts at FD level in organisations with a spend > 20m. The business model is based on a one-off setup fee and an annual license, with affiliates earning an attractive percentage of the annual license fee. We have a powerful online demonstration programme which provides all you will need to sell the concept.

If you think you have the contacts then please get in touch with Martin who will arrange for Geoff to give you an on-line demonstration. Make sure you have Skype set up first. Details of the AP4AP system and the affiliate programme can be found here - View flyer.

Martin Says: This is a great product that has been developed by Geoff, the brains behind the Mature IT platform. I have already signed up as an affiliate and am looking to make introductions to Geoff and the team. The on-line demo is really powerful so if you would like to find out more just let me know and I will show you how it works and why larger companies should be interested in this. I would also like to thank AP4AP for becoming our first sponsor!

Performance management and appraisal systems

Developed by Geoff and a local training company with years of experience in HR appraisal and performance management, this online system is the sort of tool that all companies need.

Choose from our standard system or a fully bespoke version that will allow an organisation to publish central documents such as a competency framework and job specification documents for either general or restricted viewing. You can store personal information such as HR records with complete security. Set individual and departmental objectives and targets and then document formal appraisals on line. Assess competency performances vs. requirements by individual and then build a personal development plan which seeks to fill any competency gaps identified.

The system can be accessed from any PC from anywhere in the world; documents can be completed in full or part by more than one party (e.g. an appraisee and an appraiser) and then automated emails can alert the person that action is required by them. HR or a central function can generate reports such as level of appraisal or PDP completion, performances against objectives and competencies by person, team or organisation.

This gives a really useful view of how the organisation is performing against its own internal standards and where ongoing training investment would be best targeted.

This is a hugely valuable and powerful system which will improve team and organisational efficiency and effectiveness (and therefore reduce cost) of all the activities involved in performance management and development.

Martin Says: Make the link - have you worked in a company that is struggling with a paper based Appraisal System? If so make the introduction. There are introduction/referral fees available if you introduce a client who purchases a system, email me for details.

Customer/Client or Employee Feedback Surveys

A bespoke system which allows your organisation to professionally survey a group of individuals to provide feedback against pre set criteria that you specify. Many businesses these days are still 'flying blind' by managing their employees or their clients in the way that they THINK they want to be managed, or by offering products and services that they THINK their customers want.

A system such as this can transform the way you do business by getting to the real views of those who count most. The two most common applications therefore for these systems are internal audiences (employees) and external audiences (customers/clients, suppliers or other stakeholders).

Surveys can ask for a mixture of numerical and text answers from those being surveyed allowing proper measurement of performance as well as valuable qualitative comments from those being surveyed. Reports can then be run allowing formal customer service KPIs to be created and managed and the performance of the organisation to be steadily improved over time.

Feedback on actions taken and improvements made can then be communicated back to the audience surveyed which has a tremendous effect on client or employee loyalty and advocacy.

If you know of companies looking to find out what their clients think of them then please make the introduction.

Martin Says: Another great online tool from the same creative team as the Appraisal System. There are introduction/referral fees available if you introduce a client who purchases a system, email me for details.
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