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Mature MD is the sister company of mature accountants. It was set up in 2008 as a separate business but it became clear that there is so much overlap between the two that it made sense to merge.

Mature MD has an ever- growing database of over 700 experienced candidates including Chairmen, NXDs, CEOs and COOs across a wide range of sectors.

To register as a MatureMD candidate click here.

We are always looking for top quality MBI candidates for our private Equity clients and details can be found on the home page. In addition you can complete and update your MBI record which is attached to your database record. Instructions can be found here.

We have also been asked by a number of our VC and Private Equity clients to identify non-exec directors for their portfolio companies. We now have an excellent pool of over 150 candidates with a vast range of experience across all sectors both in the UK and overseas.

Clients - if you are interested in:

  • Non-execs for your portfolio companies
  • MBI candidates
  • Industry experts to support due diligence exercises
  • Turn around candidates

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Martin Lloyd-Penny FCA
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